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I am a permanent residence of USA and my nationality is Japanese (I don't have a permanent residence in Japan). I currently live in Washington state.
I have an upcoming three-week trip to Japan in January 2020, and several short trips have been scheduled within the U.S. through July 2020. Then I plan to leave the US to travel for 6 months from August 2020 to several countries in Asia (Japan, Mongolia, Indonesia, Bhutan, Nepal) to January 2021 (this could be shorter). I will come back to the US once by the end of January 2021 but may keep traveling after that as well. I understand that I can only buy a travel insurance with you for 180 days at a time. What would be best in my case - should I buy 180-days of insurance twice next year? I will be in the US for the most of the first 6 months, however I don't think I can find any health insurance that allows me to buy for a half of a year coverage. Please let me know how fellow nomads are doing with their insurance, and what you recommend me to buy from your travel insurance.
Thank you.

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