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Hey everyone,
Wondering if anyone has some super handy tips on what apps to use/what simple processes they have for uploading high-res DSLR camera shots to Instagram?
I've got an oldish Samsung NX10 camera that unfortunately has no bluetooth connectivity, so every time I want to upload an image to Instagram I have a lengthy process of uploading to the laptop then editing on my phone.
Anywho, keen to hear how you all go about this on the road while travelling!

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    I use the app Aviary, and I know my boyfriend loves the app Lightroom. For the process of uploading photos, however, I'm right there with you doing the long process of downloading the pictures to my computer then sending them to myself through email. It's a lengthy process. Hope I helped! about 3 years ago

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    Since I didn't bring my laptop on my last trip, I solved this problem with a simple SD card reader that connected to my phone, and then used a file manager to copy over the files. It wasn't perfect (the transfer sometimes timed out around 200 photos, and I usually had 300+ in daily folders), but it did mean I could quickly import and edit in Lightroom Mobile, save a copy with changes to my phone, and post to Instagram. almost 3 years ago

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    • Thanks Katie, I'll give it a go! :) Milly almost 3 years ago

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