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While skiing in France I received some medical treatment first at a clinic then a hospital. I paid at the hospital on the spot with a Visa card. After returning home to New Mexico, I received a bill from the clinic, they want the payment, under 30 euro, by a check. Payments for public medical services in France are administered by the Ministry of the Budget, the French equivalent of the US Treasury, it is a huge government agency that ill only accept a check, written in Euro ! Not a credit or debit card, not WU, not Paypal, not a check written in USD, not Euro cash.
A French acquaintance, residing in France agreed to write the check, I sent him the money, stub, and envelope but he didn't do it. Not much of a loss but now I am receiving demand letters from the government of France Ministry of the Budget. I'd like to settle my debt but can't figure out how.

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