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My husband and I are going to Paris on November and we want to take a train to Amsterda, and then to Brugges and back to Paris..Which is the less expensive ticket. A pass or buy them at the stations? Thank you....

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    Check the Eurail website. They give the prices of passes and the prices,of individual tickets. over 8 years ago

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    The Eurail website will be much more expensive than going directly to the french rail website (SNCF). My french is very basic and I can figure it out. Or google will translate it. I find the prices MUCH cheaper there. Trains from Paris to Amsterdam are super simple. Not sure about Brugges (we rented a car to go there). My guess is you have to go back to Brussels to get to Brugges (and may have to get a bus). If these are the only places you want to go, individual tickets will be a much better deal than passes. And, you can wait until you get there and get them at a station, but you risk them being sold out. If you do this, I'd go to a station and try to get the tickets the first day you are in Paris. over 8 years ago

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