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I am planning a European trip but have never flown internationally and was wondering what the flights were like? Do you get food, wifi, can you charge your electronics? What about carry ons?

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    Food yes, wifi no! Chargers depends on the company!
    But anyway, why are you taking a plane to do
    London-Paris?! Trains are much better ways to travel around Europe! Especially London-Paris!
    I've just done a 4-month trip around Europe this summer and done mostly by train! Huge fan now! Great way to travel and know the country better! almost 9 years ago

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    They are pretty much the same as what you will find domestically, depends on the airline though. International flights will provide the food as part if the ticket, but check the itinerary to be sure. I usually bring a little healthy food of my own anyway. Chargers, depends on plane and airline. Once in Europe, take trains to get around, as other answer suggested. The train between London & Paris is fast and wonderful.
    Have fun on your first international flight and trip to Europe! almost 9 years ago

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    Carry-ons are the same as domestic flights. Everyone does get meals on flights from the US to Europe (unlike domestic coach class) almost 9 years ago

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