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I want to meet my friend in France, visit surrounding countries, hop on a flight at some point to hopefully Nepal (want to do some hiking there) then work our way towards Cambodia to meet up with medical mission group from U.S. Last year a roundtrip flight to Cambodia was right under $2000, is it possible to keep that same flight budget and and break it up some to hit those spots in Europe and around India?
My idea in the making: take a oneway flight from U.S. To France take train to surrounding countries making our way across Europe, catch another flight from (Poland?) into Nepal or somewhere close then take bus/train working our way to Cambodia, after mission work, bus back up to Thailand for some relaxation then fly from Bangkok back to U.S. Is this possible on a budget? Need advice, trying to plan this out but need help!
This is a very premature plan so any hot spots or must-see places are welcomed. Or, I'm willing to look into another plan if someone's got a better idea
In short, traveling from France to Cambodia on a budget. Landing in France at the end of June and need to be in Cambodia by the 24 of July for mission work. Any suggestions will help!
I know this is long and kinda repetitive but thanks for reading and responding!

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    I presume you're flying into Paris? If so it's worth spending a few days exploring the city and its environs, the latter if you wish. Travelling east towards Poland the one place I would definitely say is worth spending a few days is Berlin. Bruges in Belguim is also supposed to be nice but I've never been there & whether you want to head up to the Netherlands & Amsterdam is your choice. I've never been to Poland though I believe the Krakow area is nice but whether you can get an onward flight to Nepal from there I'm not sure. Given that you want to see some of Europe & Nepal in one month you need to be careful not to dilute your trip too much and end up trying to see too many places. I reckon at the very least you'd want to be giving yourself atleast a week in Nepal, particularly if you want to do some trekking & still have time to overland it at an easy pace to Cambodia. Air Asia is a good budget airline in S.E. Asia. You could also consider hostelling for some of your trip. Alot of the hostels in Europe are quite a good standard, particularly in Germany. Lucky you. Sorry I can't help you more. over 8 years ago

    Answered by Hilary via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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