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    Stephen this is such a BIG question, but I think your primary concern will be protecting your valuables (and things like passports) from pickpockets. I know it's difficult because you are tourists, but try to NOT look like tourists, do your best to blend in. There's nothing that says "target" more than bermuda shorts, a hawaiian shirt and a Nikon around the neck. Spend the first day checking out what the locals wear.
    Keep jewellery to a minimum and make sure you leave things like passports in the hotel safe (not the room safe). Take only the cash you'll need for the day and keep it in a front pocket or a money belt under your shirt.
    And never let your credit card out of your sight, skimming and copying the details is common.
    Here are a few other tips:
    start with our welcome message:
    then the tips for luggage safety
    and advice on being safe and cautious
    You can go though our safety hub to find specific advice for each destination, such as Italy's reputation for pickpockets (and where it happens)
    But just being cautious and applying common sense will see you through, don't let the threat of theft spoil what sounds like a fabulous holiday.
    Phil over 9 years ago

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    A few things I have encountered on my travels that I have learned from. If a few people approach you and one tries to sell you a newspsper, hold onto your valuables and get away as fast as you can. While one is trying to sell the others are picking your pockets. Your wife should carry a purse with a short strap that fits under her armpit and hold the strap at all times. She should not walk with her back to oncoming traffic, they go by on motor-scooters and grab the purse. If someone is staring at you, look them in the eye, this lets them know that you are aware of them and they will move on to someone else. If you find yourself in a bad situation don't be afraid to yell to bring attention to yourself. Have a great trip and like they said above, just use common sense. over 9 years ago

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    Agree with Phil. Less is definitely more when you are travelling.

    For new cities, I would plan my route over breakfast so when I left the hotel in the morning, I had a fairly clear plan of where I wanted to go and how I was going to get there. Appearing to be confident - whether you are or are not - is one of your best defense mechanisms against getting into hot water. So I would know that to get to X Museum, for example, I would need to walk up the street, turn right at the fountain etc etc.

    I always carry a map with me, but rather than standing on a street to look at it, I would perhaps sit at a cafe, take a moment and a drink or two and then head back out. But I have to say when I have stood at a junction confused which way to go, locals have approached and been helpful - Paris and New York were great for this, and I certainly helped people when I was in London.

    For luggage, take the minimum that you need and then remove half! If you have a backpack, then buy a pack safe which is like a mesh/netting that covers it and is reistant to someone trying to slash it open. Accept that your luggage may get rifled through and decide if what you have in there is too precious to lose - if so, dont take it.

    Common sense will be your best friend. I quite often would think "if I was in London (my home town), would I willingly accept a drink off a stranger/accompany a stranger to an unknown destination" etc. Of course you wouldnt, so you shouldnt do it when you are away.

    Europe is a great place to visit with wonderful people, places and memories to be had. Exercise a little caution, be really aware of your surroundings, the times, the different cultures and you will be fine. Dress conservatively, dont be obvious with expensive items, hide your money around your body, use the hotel safe and get a receipt, watch out for obvious scam areas or areas where things could happen, such as the tube when its busy is an area for pickpockets, avoid deserted areas but most of all, have fun, live a little, enjoy what the country has to offer.

    I have done daft things in my time and been incredibly lucky and met some great people. Sadly, this isnt always the case.

    Have fun over 9 years ago

    Answered by Sam Richards via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    as the other mentioned.. minimal jewellery ( i wear 1 ring and wear the stone facing the wrong way). mum was mugged in naples recently - the guy ripped her necklace off her neck. i told her not to bring any thing.

    take minimal clothing - make sure it all matches, always take swimwear and a jumper. make sure clothes are mix and match..

    comfortable shoes are a must

    look like u have no money..i dont mean travel like u are poor... but travel carefully so you dont attract any attention. I have never travelled with a pacsafe.. too much weight.. but all my valuables are on my person at all times, and if they are not they are insured. keep your wits about yourself, and always beware. have a bag that slings over your shoulder, so you can hold the bag infront of you, or a day pack that is on your front. holding a strap doesnt do much. if people want to steal what you have they will regardless what you do, as the police said in naples they will cut your finger off if they want your ring.


    do enjoy, take in everything, take time to sit and watch the world go by,

    try the wonderful food in each location

    walk the cities at day and night

    see something unique in each place.

    find local produce markets

    buy shoes in spain / italy

    try pastries in france

    red light district in amsterdam / sex museum

    venice seafood markets, and all the windy roads, gondola ride

    ENjoy! over 9 years ago

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