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Hello all!
My sister and I decided that before she starts graduate school, we want to travel Europe for a month. We will be leaving the states mid May staying until about mid June. We want to see as many places as possible but have no idea where to start. We are looking for suggestions of where we for sure need to visit and stay. Also landmarks that we cannot miss out on. We are limiting ourselves to go anywhere east of Budapest. We plan on staying in hostiles and possibly hotels most of the time and traveling around quite a bit so any suggestions on how to do those most efficiently would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

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    Hello! Do you mean you are only going to places East of Budapest or only going as far East as Budapest? I inter-railed around Europe a couple of years ago (as you are a Non-Euro you would need a Eurail pass). It allows you to travel by train and you save a small fortune! I think it's the best and easiest way to travel around Europe when you are a bit tight on time. With time, I noticed you said you wanted to visit as many places as possible. I would say that it would be better if you spent a bit of time in places rather than cramming in as much as possible. I spent a month travelling Europe (France, Italy, Spain and Portugal) and that wasn't enough time. I found myself wishing I was going to less places and spending more time at each place.

    My favourite country in Europe is Italy, so I would recommend that. Venice is unlike anywhere else and in my opinion has the world's best Ice Cream (gelato). Gondola rides are hella expensive (€70-80) but definitely worth doing once. Pisa and the leaning tower is something that has to be seen to be believed. Photos never seem to capture the extent of its lean, so it's a big shock when you first see it. Rome is incredible; it's full of history and it's awesome to see it mingled in with modern life in such an obvious way. The Colloseum is one of the best places I have ever been - highly recommended. Bocca Della Verita is an old church that has 'The mouth of Truth'. Apparently if you lie whilst your arm is in the mouth, it will bite your hand off. Fun fun! Circus Maximus (old Chariot racing track during Roman times) is 3 mins walk away and a great spot for a picnic or sit down. Florence is a cool city if you are in to art and museums.

    Don't miss Paris if you can avoid it. I go back every few years and it seems to get better every time. Woodstock Hostel is a great place to stay whilst you are there.

    We got a train from Paris to Milan one day. It took the whole day, but we had an hour or so stop over in Switzerland and we got to do the most awesome train ride through the Alps. It's a cool trip if you are heading that way! over 3 years ago

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    I don't know if you have thought about money whilst you are travelling, but I used (and still do now) a Caxton FX card. It's a pre-paid card that you can load whenever you want with a number of different currencies. There are no ATM fees and it's a pretty laid-back way of managing your money on the road.

    Enjoy your trip! Any other questions at all, feel free to hit me up.


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