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    The difference isnt big. I used a 40L but I also managed to fit my laptop in it.

    If the 40L is small enough to fit as carry-on on most airplanes, I would get that. Mine is small enough. You'll have to check some airlines' websites to see what their size restrictions are and then go and measure out the bags that you're considering purchasing. There are so many cheap airlines in Europe, it makes it even cheaper to fly when you can carry-on your bag :)

    Of course, if you aren't planning on flying around Europe at all, I guess that wouldn't matter.

    Regardless, don't overpack. You can always buy something if you need it along the way. Europe isn't subsaharan Africa - you can leave your water filter and emergency flares at home ;)

    I recommend just 5-6 days worth of clothes and instead washing clothes more frequently. almost 5 years ago

    Answered by Daniel via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    I have been travelling in Asia ( and now Europe) for about 6 months with a 40 litre backpack. I try to travel light in terms of clothes, but I am able to fit summer and winter clothes, some basic toiletries, and some art materials.

    I also used this bag to trek in Nepal mid winter.

    It may help to know, that I have noticed that 10 litres difference on the bag label does not necessarily mean it can hold more. Apparently they all calculate it a bit differently so sometimes a 35L bag can actually hold more than a 40L bag.

    My recommendation would be to look for something that has straps so that you can attach things like shoes, sleeping bag, warm jacket if you run out of room.

    When it comes to carry on, beware that you can easily fill a 30L bag with 10 or more kg, which may cause problems with budget airlines weight limits. almost 5 years ago

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    Thank you, both of you! I'm just asking because I have to take my Seizure Response Dog with me as well, and I prefer backpacking instead of lugging around a heavy suitcase.. So I just need the bag to be big enough to carry my clothes ( in their compression bags), my toiletries, a jacket, maybe a small umbrella, a water bottle , my pack towel and Yuba's smaller towel, extra shoes in my laundry bag her dog food in a medium sized baggy, her plastic water bowl, my cellphone, passport, BCID, and Wallet..so hopefully the 40 L will be big enough.. :) almost 5 years ago

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