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We leave April 28 2014 from Canada and spending a month in Europe backpacking; we then leave Italy on June 1.

We are spending roughly 3 days in each area starting with Ireland --> Scotland --> England --> Netherlands --> Germany (5-6 days) --> France --> Spain --> Portugal --> Italy (1 week and honeymoon hotel).

We are looking to travel under a $10 000 budget and stay in hostels until our two night honeymoon in Italy.

We are both very adventurous and active individuals who would love to learn more about the culture and do as many "local" things as possible with the here and there touristy aspect.

Any suggestions on activities in each area that we can do, as well as sights to see, what to pack (we are backpacking), and where to stay would be GREATLY appreciated!

Thank you for making our honeymoon trip a little more special <3

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    Congratulations! Have an awesome honeymoon!

    I would suggest (including the ones your wear traveling there,) two or three light-ish pairs of pants (or skirts, as appropriate), and a shirt or two more than that. Make sure that the pants and shirts can all be worn interchangeably and that if it gets chilly you have a sweater and can maybe layer a couple of shirts, but I doubt by the end of April it will be that cold.
    Pack light, of course, since everything will be on your back. Remember that anything you're missing can be purchased there (an extra shirt, etc.), you'll likely want to keep enough space for a few small souvenirs.

    When we went though Europe, we took night trains a couple of times. It increased tourist-time within cities, and even though it was more expensive than a hotel or a day train, it was less expensive than both together and meant we could start our new city as soon as we arrived.

    In the Netherlands, if you're going to Amsterdam, take one of the boat architecture tours, and there are great museums. We went to the Van Gogh museum, but wish we'd had a chance at the Rijksmuseum (if you go there, go early so you don't have a long line). Do be careful of crossing a bike lane unless they have a red.

    A lot of these places have phenomenal museums, some of which have discounts for purchase of tickets to multiple places. Something to consider.
    In Italy we went to Rome and Venice. In Rome, the forum and colosseum, Vatican City, the Pantheon. The hop-on hop-off bus we took in Rome wasn't that great, but it had fewer stops because it was winter. In Venice, the Gam Gam restaurant is really nice. I think a gondola ride is worth the money (don't know how much to suggest, though), bring a map and wander around. Get lost and find your way back. Go to Murano and watch glass blowers. There's also the Doge's palace.

    The other places we haven't seen yet, but hopefully I'll be able to share info on Portugal and Spain in Feb.

    Have fun! over 7 years ago

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