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How to backpack on 50EUR a day

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Traveling through Europe for 2 months in April-June 2014
The answer from sandra has lead me to edit this question. Tks Sandra.
I will be staying in hostels and doing a lot of supermarket shopping and cooking in the hostel. I am not all that interested in seeing all the "sights" but would rather visit the people and customs of the counties I visit.
I am thinking:
Cinque Terra - Italy This is a MUST. Its on the bucket list
France - country side - Wine, food, relax
London - Passing thru to Glasgow - relatives.
Amsterdam - culture - and not just for the red light areas
Belgium - beer - Yup and culture
Germany - beer - yup and culture

Then home to Auzzie...
Any other destinations and ideas would be appreciated

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    If your backpacking I presume you are staying in hostels etc, and not sure if you do tours etc. I personally don't like to do bus tours with a guide etc as I think they are over priced etc. You dont say what countries you are visiting as in some you wont spend 50 a day but in others you will. London Dublin Zurich Munich for example are expensive but if you are eating ect in backpacker type places they can be very cost effective. If you are more specific about your countries you will get some better advice. over 6 years ago

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    If you invest in decent maps for these places and have access to information (Wikipedia, travel apps, or guidebooks), then walking around on your own will give you a really pleasant sense of the city while saving you money from tours.
    Have fun! over 6 years ago

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    There is an excellent free walking tour in Berlin. I highly recommend taking the train to Edinburgh for a day while you're in Glasgow. It's a beautiful city full of pubs. over 6 years ago

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    Also, the museums in the UK are free. What time of year are you planning on going? over 6 years ago

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