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I lost my three tooth and my one tooth has decoyed so need treatment. So I want to go Europa.

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    Listen, I'm not sure which place is cheapest, but what I can tell you is that if you've already lost three teeth, you'll need work done before you can/should have dentures. If you lost teeth because they became loose and fell out, you have something called periodontitis, which means that you have infection under your gums that has destroyed some of the bone in your jaw. And if your teeth are decaying, you could have infections inside them called an abscess, which is very dangerous.

    Dentures are expensive, but if you just find something cheap, you'll end up losing more teeth. You need to see a good doctor, who can do the work to clean under your gums and get rid of the infection. I understand not wanting to be missing teeth, but if you don't have much money, spend what you have on treating the sickness, or it will get worse, and can even hurt your health in other ways.

    Hopefully someone else can give you advice on where the best dental clinics are. Sorry about what you're going through. Best of luck. over 7 years ago

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    Which is the cheapest ? Eastern countries to answer your question.
    The quality of the work is normally determined by how much you are willing to pay, however, the economy plays a huge factor in terms of medical/ dental treatments that are provided in these countries.
    I can't vouch for the quality of work , because each dentist/practitioner is different and it depends on the technical expertise of the technician , if crowns/ extra coronal restorations are involved.

    Best of luck over 7 years ago

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