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Hi all !

I'm traveling to Europe in June/July but I can't decide the destination. Which of those countries would be more appropriate for someone who is looking for great experiences shared with the locals and a great nightlife ? Note I don't have long holidays that's why I gotta choose just a couple of countries to visit and I am not interested in tourists activities such as museums or historical monuments... So, what do you guys think? Denmark&Sweden or Greece&England? Also, any suggestions for the cities?

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    I think Greece would be better choice if u don't like museums,the weather in Greece is awsum specially beaches,night life and food is great....the good thing about Greece is that it is totally different from other European countries, Greece has a lot to offer and i m sure u will love everything about this country.
    If u plan to visit Greece then I advice u not to visit Athens city just explore beautiful islands like santroni and Mykonos.... over 5 years ago

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    My favourite country in Europe - and the world - is Turkey. If the warmth of Greece is appealing, you should really consider Turkey. Why : http://traveleater.wordpress.com/turkey-not-greece/.

    Both Greece and Turkey will be significantly less expensive than the other three countries on your list too... over 5 years ago

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