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Traffic laws in Europe vs USA

over 6 years ago about Europe

Please advise on what I can expect in driving through Europe regarding traffic laws, traffic signs, etc.

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    You can adjust pretty fast. Always stay to the right unless you are actively passing another car. Most countries do enforce speed limits and some things are just understood such as the speed limit begins to be 50 kph (usually) at the city limits sign. Germany has sections of autobahn with unlimited speed limits and you must always check behind you right before changing lanes as cars can be upon you in a flash. I recommend a good easy to use GPS to limit the getting lost. We use a TomTom and have found it to be very reliable. You can set it to alert for speed limits etc. I recommend full insurance on rental cars if you drive into Italy especially the farther south you go. Lanes are only a suggestion down there. Also scooters and motorcycles will often move ahead at lights by going between cars. In traffic circles you don't signal until you are exiting over 6 years ago

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