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I'm looking for somewhere safe, beautiful, and cheap/affordable to live in Europe. Somewhere with great beaches to surf like the west of France. My favourite places in Europe are France, Italy, Spain and Greece. Anyone living in Europe able to give me advice? Thank you in advance.

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    To live? Have you ever been to the Canary Island?
    My favorite island is Tenerife. It is a paradise. There are 7 Islands altogether. Lanzarote is quite unique.
    Gomera, Grand Canaria.... La Palma.... All so beautiful.
    It is Spain, 200 km from Africa.... So you get the fine sand storm from time to time, but that is nature.
    Such easy life. Siesta in the afternoons, many tapas restaurants for the nights......
    But you've got to work too, for a living, besides surfing.... ? over 7 years ago

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    Cheap there? Only in rural Greece might you stand a chance to live in expensively. over 7 years ago

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    Zagreb is both safe and really cheap. You may actually live in hostels for months. Also belgrade is too cheap and safe but there are some sports fans whom you wont like to meet over 7 years ago

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    Porto, portugal is beautiful and less expensive than most of Europe. over 7 years ago

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    Galway, in the West of Ireland! It's beautiful and safe, maybe not that cheap though.... If you like France, check out Brive La Gaillard. It's beautiful, quiet, cheap as you make it to be, and as far as I remember it was safe. It was a small town. You'll need to be able to speak French there though, the English language isn't common there. Best of luck with your European hunt! over 7 years ago

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