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I'll be leaving with approx $7k USD and current exchange puts that about 5.3k Euros; for budgeting (and sanity purposes I might add) I calculate all my budgets in USD using budgetyourtrip.com

This site basically told me that Switzerland is running about $190/day AVERAGED but I calculated roughly $145/day since there are some expenses I wouldn't spend on. not to mention some of my pre purchases that technically don't count towards the overall trip. Again, in USD this translates to about $2k for 14 days and then 10 days in Germany would cost me roughly $100/day based on the averages would be about $1k USD bringing my total projected expenses for 3 weeks to $3k not including exit airfare to Argentina ($820).

Does that number sound low to you? It does to me, I spent roughly $1k/per person in Honolulu for barely a week; tell me that's not messed up! Here's the good thing, if its low; I have $4k to play with until I receive my next payment which will yield $4k of play money after paying all my bills (and if I truly do end up with left over funds that'll yeild about $8k with rollover.

I want to be sure I'm budgeting correctly; this is my concern not how much (well sure I'd be concerned, but as long as I don't stray too far from the budget who cares?) I'm spending but whether that's a proper assertion of a proper budget for 3 weeks.

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    A lot will depend on the hotels and restaurants you select. Etap and Ibis hotel chain are reasonable in price. You can also eat street foods (very popular) in Germany. We live in Germany and usually travel very modestly. over 6 years ago

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    • What part of Germany are you in (if you don't mind sharing) Bavaria? (I think everybody flocks there). Are the street foods available in all of Germany or at least in the major cities? Shannon M over 6 years ago

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