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    Don't go close to Somalia (the east) and Afar (North east). The rest of the region is relatively safe. You can use public transport cheaply. The food is great but you have to avoid food from street venders as it is less hygenic. Prices are always negotiatable and sometimes can come down to 50% reducttion. Be prepared for curious kids running after you and calling you 'ferenji' in case you are not dark skin. The time concupt is totally different from what you are used to. It is very common to be late for an appointment. AS you could get delays in almost any service,it is important to plan contengency time for any activity. The way they count hours is also different. The clock counts from sun rise (6:00AM) to sun set (6:00PM), that means 7 AM is actually 1:00 hour in ethiopian counting style. For example, 10:00 AM is 4:00 hour in Ethiopian. It is a little confusing at the begining but then you will find it actually logical way of counting the hours. It begins at sun rise and then continuosly count to 12 until the sun is set. Then you begin for the night from sun set and countinulsy count until 12:00 to the next sun rise. I hope i am not making it complex here.
    Greetings are usually done by shaking hands.
    If you see two guys or ladies walking holding hands or puting hand on each others shoulder don't assume that they are in the same sex relationship. It is simply what any friends or family members usually do in Ethiopia without any sexual implication.
    Good luck and enjoy your experiance. about 5 years ago

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    Tnx EmhF!

    Very usable information! Any tips on places to visit? (withim the safer regions...) about 5 years ago

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