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    If you're wondering about how safe it is in light of the revolution, we were there in the middle of it (in February of this year, and lived to tell about it. I'm sure you would experience fewer problems now. For me personally, I would be willing to go back there again at this time. almost 9 years ago

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    I am an Egyptian it is safe to travel to Egypt as in the worst cases if anything wrong happened you just stay at ur hotel as hotels are perfectly safe just try not to visit tahrir square at week ends especially Friday and if you faced any trouble ask someone who looks decent for help or go to army or police officers but don't worry until now every thing is going fine almost 9 years ago

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    Also If u r interested I can send u my phone no. If you needed anything you can call me almost 9 years ago

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    Hi Zina,

    Certainly Egypt is not one of the safest areas in the world right now - I'm sure some locals may disagree but the reality is that Egypt has had an unprecedented uprising and the country is politically volatile. This volatility may have absolutely no impact on the safety of your trip, or you could see more protests - the worst case scenario is that they are violent mass protests.

    The country is now under military rule as a new government is established. There have been recent protests for the military to step down from power, and in early October, we had violent protests that left 22 people dead after Coptic Christians clashed with military forces. This is not a country that has a great deal of stability right now. However, life still goes on.

    Are you safe if you want to go travelling there? It is hard to say. You are entering an area that is on shaky ground, but from most of the reports I have gathered, it looks like the worst is over. It's certainly not an Syria, or a Yemen. But having said that, anything could happen. The Coptic Christian protests came as both a shock and a logical outcome of the present situation to me.

    If you do decide to go, be very cautious. Avoid any demonstrations if they occur, and keep yourself informed as to what activity is taking place, every day. That's not to say you should stay in your hotel room the whole time you are there, but it's important to be vigilant in this volatile time.


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    No I totally agree with Jesse Egypt now is not safest place however the circumstances are not as dangerous as its presented in the mass media especially in hurghada as it is far away from any areas with debates as well as the touristic places as I early said are highly secured by the army & police the red zones are in down town Cairo near tahrir square almost 9 years ago

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    Thank you for the comments, much appreciated!

    I hope the elections are peaceful and that everyday life becomes easier again.

    I know that here when there are elections in Australia everything seems to come to a standstill as there is uncertainty. The day after elections are over everyone starts moving forward again. almost 9 years ago

    Answered by Zina Kaye

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