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I'm seriously considering work in Hurghada Egypt as a realtor. I am involved in Rotary International and want to see more than USA. I have been friends with someone in Luxor for over a year now. .. throiugh skype, face bok and phone. We have met each others families as well. What percautions do I take a a traveler? I'm planning to travel with an American male friend.
Need some place to start....

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    Can't help you with visa and work permit requirements, check out the Egyptian consular services. As for precautions while travelling in Egypt - they have a very well developed tourism industry. In 2008 (pre troubles) 12 million foreigners visited, so they're used to meeting people from different cultures. being American is no particular hindrance.
    Here're some tips from the worldnomads.com safety hub to get you started.
    Phil almost 10 years ago

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    There it is: precaution #1 - never respond to requests like the one above... re: "Could you please E-mail me on mahmoud_fathi@windowslive.com?"

    I speak plainly: I am bemused at the way you frame your question. Very vague: like the 'which is better Dahab or Luxor...' .. you need to define what u mean by /better/ b4 venturing forth engaging us with questions .. just a thought from 'my' perspective .. almost 8 years ago

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    Nothing speciall , we are nice people don't worry and when ever you need anything you will always find ppl. to help just to help , luxor is really nice hurghada is amaz'g , hope you enjoy your viste and try to go to sharm elshakh too , thats really nice ;) have a nice trip. almost 8 years ago

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    In Luxor, stay at The Mena Palace. I have stayed here on 4separate trips over the years; always finding it pleasant. I had read about this hotel in a travel book many years ago, and have stayed there ever since. The corner rooms 206, 306 etc, have 2 balconies. One facing Luxor Temple across a vacant lot [ which might have been built upon since my last trip] the other looks out across the Corniche to the Valley of the Kings, on the other side of the Nile. The beds are trditional and basic, firm and comfortable [ for myself and others I have brought there]. It is a VERY modestly priced lodging, with cafe downstairs with breakfastBe sure to buy Karkaday tea pedals.They weigh so little, I always buy enough to fill a backpack. It last FOREVER! Go to the Isis Hotel, sit out on the patio and order Karkaday tea, while you watch the activity on the Nile. The Italian built Luxor Museum is a must! NOTE: you can take photos but no flash. The light by the entrance is great. My photos taken in this area look like professional postcards!
    Be sure to see the Light Show at the Karnak Temple [ after 1st seeing it during the day] The Light show is fantastic. You end this show with a walk to the Sacred Lake amphitheater to hear the ending to the stories,which you have been hearing as you are guided through the ruins.
    NOTE: Dahab is nice if you have the time. there is only the ruins, nothing else, and its quite a bus ride.[ I had a Military escort]
    I like Dahab and Niewia [swim with the dolphins, but wait til the tour leaves and you are alone with them] much better the Hurgada. over 7 years ago

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