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If boat / felucca - does anyone have any specific recommendations?

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    Sorry this is so late! I am sure you've already sorted this, but.

    It depends on how fast you want to get there versus how scenic of a trip you want to have. The train and boat are really the only ways to go, but you'll need extra time for both. It's 800km from Cairo to Luxor, so taking the road is just.. both dangerous (Egyptians are simultaneously the best and worst drivers, right up there with the Italians) and looooong. I couldn't imagine being stuck on a bus for that long.

    The train is quicker than the boat, but I have loved taking a boat every time. Of course, the train keeps a standard fare whereupon the felucca can be the cheapest and private boat rides more expensive than a plane ticket between them..

    I recommend boat, every single time. Trains are often packed in Egypt and it can be confusing to know when your stop is. Rarely do they stop for very long in each destination and often English can be difficult to find. over 11 years ago

    Answered by Courtney Harre via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    You can either travel to Luxor from Cairo either by train or by plane.
    Two types of trains are available first class sleeper trains and overnight sleeper trains. The journey by train takes about 9 hours the train leaves Cairo at 8 pm and reaches Luxor if on time at 5 am.

    The plane duration takes about 45 minutes.

    No boats sail between Cairo and Luxor but there are boats and felluccas sailing between Luxor and Aswan. about 11 years ago

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    Sorry for the mistake in the previous reply the available trains between Cairo and Luxor are first class seated trains and Abela sleeper trains. about 11 years ago

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