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Nightlife in Egypt

almost 9 years ago about Egypt

Any ideas on where to go out and enjoy my time?

Anyone available to go out next Friday ?

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    Hi there - looks like no-one was able to help - sorry for that :-( Especially in Cairo, Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh you'll find tons of night life - other places too, I guess especially the Red Sea resorts and Alexandria. Cairo is such a big city and the night life very varied - from cheap cafes everywhere to cafes and bars in 5-star hotels, cultural experiences such as the El Sawry Culture Wheel or Opera House of live music like the awesome Cairo Jazz Club. Some clubs and bars do not allow singles in - only couples.

    Lyndall almost 9 years ago

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    In each hotel in Cairo they have pubs and discos in Cairo u can go to cinemas at midnight and after midnight as well and most of restaurants closes at 1 am almost 9 years ago

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