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Especially as an American? I see that there's a travel alert for Egypt, but not a travel warning... I know there have been demonstrations and attacks, and my parents are super worried about me being blown to smithereens. What are the risks of going during this December 2011/January 2012?

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    As long as you avoid any demonstrations or public/political gatherings you should be just fine. The Egyptian economy depends on tourism, so the operators and the interim government are working hard to restore confidence in Egypt as a destination - as such they're looking after your security.
    Personally, I'd avoid Tahrir Square - that's the focal point for any unrest, and even a small gathering has been known to be suddenly attacked by people opposing them.
    Also steer clear of Christian churches in the suburbs of Cairo - there's a long-standing dispute between religious factions and bombings and shootings are common.
    But I figure you'll be going to the pyramids, Luxor, and cruising the Nile - all of which are presently trouble-free (other than the usual risks to tourists everywhere).
    If you're still worried, everyday before you head out from your hotel, check with staff. Tell them where you intend to go, and ask if they've heard of any trouble spots.
    The revolution this year was an internal matter - it was not directed at foreign visitors, they just happened to be caught-up in the troubles.
    While being American does increase the risk to your safety in many, many parts of the world, Egypt is not generally one of them. They are used to seeing hundreds of thousands of American tourists every year.
    Hope this helps calm your parents - it's nice that they love you so much. about 9 years ago

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    Concur totally with Phil. I am a New Zealander currently residing in Egypt and life pretty much continues as it was prior to the revolution with the exception of Fridays when I avoid areas where protests are likely to occur. In the south of Egypt (Luxor and Aswan) many people rely on tourism so they are still welcoming and there are little or no issues. If you are hoping to come in Dec/Jan this is high season as the weather in the south has very pleasant temperatures during the day so I would recommend booking as soon as possible. Let the US embassy know you are here when you come and you will recieve any travel advisories they send out. All the best. about 9 years ago

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    A little backshish (sp?) goes a long way.

    That would be a kickback for the tourism police and they are pretty blatant about asking for it. They view it as an earned bribe or tip because you look like you can afford it. You don't have to pay it, but things might be a little better for you if you do. about 9 years ago

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    The high risks zones in Egypt is in down town Cairo near tahrir square but if u r going to Luxor, hurgahda or sharm sheik you will find no problem as no protests are taking place there as these are known as touristic places just to be more Careful and avoid going out late at night alone or in rural areas almost 9 years ago

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