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We are planning a holiday to Egypt in August to the Sharm el Sheikh area but also wanted to experience luxor whilst there. is it safe to do so?

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    I think tourism means too much to their economy to jeopardize tourists with domestic political turmoil. I'd be OK with going. about 9 years ago

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    This depends on where ur travelling and if you travel alone...h I have been in Egypt for three months and never found any issue but.. I live in a seaside resort town called Dahab so that's different to Cairo ,
    In Cairo it's not adviced for a girl to go out alone but it's ok if u go out with other people ..not many tourists in Cairo but seaside towns are still popular and safe. This is a good time to be in Egypt as you can find lot of deals and less crowded but you have to do ur research with backpacks since u don't want to stay in a empty hotel or backpack about 9 years ago

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    Sharm is safe and no issue there but I advice you consider Dahab as it's 1hour from sharm airport about 9 years ago

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    Sharm and Luxor have been perfectly safe the entire time of the Revolution - Luxor doesn't even have protests when there are big ones in Cairo. But Cairo is safe too, there has been NO harm to tourists during this period in Egypt. I live and work near the pyramids and there is no change to our daily lives except you don't see any tourists. And Egypt desperately needs her tourists to return. about 9 years ago

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