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I'd like to visit Hurghada in Jully, 2011. Is it safe to go there due to all happenings in Cairo and other big cities?

Asked by marky via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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    Surething... Ghurdakah is so safe right now as it's located on red sea resort... Hundreds of miles away from Cairo... It's the best timing now, as hotels offer huge discount to attract more tourists...

    I dont suggest to travel to Cairo though!

    I live in Melbourne- Australia and all my parents live in Egypt... It's getting much better now after we get rid of previous president: "Mubarak". Army is taking over the country right now. over 9 years ago

    Answered by Mina via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    Mina, thank you very much for your reply !

    If anyone else got something to add, please do so. over 9 years ago

    Answered by marky via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Why not postpone your visit for a season? It is a very hot climate in Hurghada in July. As well, it is a small conservative village ..a departure point for cruising the Red Sea.
    You will have to travel from Cairo by bus or private taxi. I would suggest waiting unless you have close friends to care for you and be with you all the time. I lived in Cairo for a year and a half. over 9 years ago

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    Nope. I will travel directly to Hurghada. Landing on their airport, and around 15 mins bus from airport to hotel. Hot climate for young people is absolutely not an problem or issue :) over 9 years ago

    Answered by marky via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    even at the height of the violence in Cairo, the Red Sea resorts remained calm and peaceful. The UK government had a Do Not Travel warning for Egypt which EXCLUDED the Red Sea Resorts, and obviously things are even calmer now.
    On a scale of 1 to 10, where standing in Tahrir Square wearing a "I heart Mubarak" t-shirt is a 10, Hurgada is a 1. Enjoy. Phil. over 9 years ago

    Answered by Ask Phil via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Phil, thank you very mucg for answer! over 9 years ago

    Answered by marky via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    i hear that nowdays some violance there? does anyone know something more about that? i also planning to go in Hurgada on middle of july... so i want to hear more opinions :) over 9 years ago

    Answered by mia via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    I hope you're travelling very soon - Hurghada is safe, Cairo is safe, Egypt is safe. I live here and work here and my daily life is absolutely no different except that I don't see many tourists. I know people who've been visiting Hurghada all along without any problem. You wil have a wonderful holiday and if you can DO come to Cairo - the pyramids will be waiting for you :-) about 9 years ago

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    i swear it is safe
    we r here peacefull ppl
    ask anybody about egyptian about 9 years ago

    Answered by ali via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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