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we are going on a nile cruise then staying in harghada is it safe

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    I see from your profile that it'll be June when you head back to Egypt. There's a revolution going on and it's impossible to predict what will happen in the next 3 months - hopefully it all works out for the better. But I can tell you about what's happening right now.
    There are no reports of trouble in Luxor, Aswan or the Red Sea resorts - so right now in the places you intend to go it is calm with public order restored. (Actually, throughout the recent violence the Red Sea resorts remained trouble-free. They are a long way from Cairo. Your government's warning to stay away from Egypt at that time DIDN'T apply to the Red Sea resorts).
    But this week the interim Egyptian government warned there was a rising counter revolution with an increasing threat of violence. In fact THIS week 19 people were killed in different clashes in Cairo.
    On Monday in an outer suburb, Christians protesting an arson attack on a church clashed with Muslims and 13 people were killed. (this is a long-running dispute which was causing concern even before the jasmine revolution).
    On Tuesday a group of what's thought to be pro-Mubarak supporters (the counter revolutionaries) swarmed into Tahrir Square and armed with knives and machetes attacked pro-democracy supporters. After a clash lasting an hour or two 3 people were dead.
    There are no police on the streets of Cairo, they've disappeared. They've been replaced by vigilante-style protection groups who shoot first and ask questions later.
    These things all happened away from where you and other tourists want to be. 10% of Egypt's GDP comes from tourism, protecting tourists, reviving the industry and putting on a show of calm is vitally important, because thousands of Egyptians rely on tourism jobs to feed their families. (in a way, continuing to go to those places helps keep the economy from falling in a heap and worsening the situation).
    So, will you be able to cruise the Nile and have a Red Sea holiday and come home without a scratch - very, very likely so. Will it remain calm in those tourist areas - probably. Are there any guarantees - no.
    Sorry it's such a long answer - it's complicated. over 9 years ago

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    I live in Egypt actually it is not preferable to travel to Cairo especially downtown near tahrir square as most protests happen their but sharm el sheik and hurgahda are safe enough actually my husband & I tried to book in hurgahda in the eid vacation & it was fully booked so mainly most of the hassle is around tahrir square even if you want to like visit the pyramids and so it is safe as all the touristic places are guided by the army and the people so actually in Egypt if u r a tourist and u find ur self in trouble many of Egyptian will help u this is just how we are don't worry I used to live in zamalek an area with most foreigner residences almost 9 years ago

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