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    Lyn, throughout the worst of the troubles during the revolution the Red Sea resorts remained open. The Australian and US governments were advising their citizens against travel to all of Egypt, but the British made an exception for the Red Sea resorts. There was never anything like what we saw in Cairo, just a couple of low-key protests. There were some issues with continuing to supply the resorts with goods, but nothing too serious. So, "yes" it is calm.
    Is everything open? I saw a report this last weekend which said hotel occupancy in Sharm el Sheikh was below 20%, I imagine it's similar at Hurghada. That means no crowds for visitors, but it also means some businesses will have to close because they're not making any money. Hotels are talking about laying-off staff, but I think they'll hold on as long as possible and keep their fingers crossed for the tourists to come back. Best thing to do is to ring your hotel and ask them what's open, what's not and what's the likelihood of that changing.
    Just one thing to note.... there was a revolution in the country just a couple of weeks ago, and revolutions are unpredictable. Keep an eye on news and events in Egypt. Everyone has to assess their own acceptable risk level. What seems "safe" to one person might be unacceptable to another. It'll be hard, but be prepared to call off your trip at the last moment (even though that would mean losing your money) if you don't FEEl safe about going. about 9 years ago

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