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    Luxor is a long way from Cairo and if that is your only stop then I wouldn't make a decision just yet. We still have all of our trips running, with the exception of Cairo short trips, and our crew on the ground say nothing is happening anywhere outside of Cairo City. I think it is a decision you can make the week before. As long as you have adequate travel insurance it is not a drama to cancel at the last minute. I am heading back there in April with 9 others and we haven't changed a thing yet - too early to judge. :) over 9 years ago

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    Hy, I've just been in Cairo and in Luxor last month, and Luxor is very far from all the political turbulence that's happening in Egypt. If I was you I would follow the happenings, but it's still too early to think about aborting your trip.

    I think you shoul look for news about the situation specifically at Luxor. over 9 years ago

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    Kathryn, it is a very volatile situation in Egypt. Luxor had been quiet until now... Al Jazeera reports (and has video) of demonstrations in Luxor. on the evening of February 2nd pro-Mubarak and anti-government protesters clashed violently in the centre of Cairo. There are signs the clashes were orchestrated by the government as a way to de-rail the PEACEFUL revolution.
    Sure it wasn't at the temple in Luxor, but these incidents can happen anywhere. How do you know one side or the other will not try to escalate the situation by deliberately targeting tourists? It's very unstable and unpredictable.
    Every western government has advised its citizens in Egypt to leave when they can. They've also said you should think very seriously about going for the time being. Australia has gone one step further and issued a DO NOT TRAVEL advice. Because of that Australian-based tour companies are automatically cancelling trips.
    In insurance terms, if you deliberately go to a place where you will put yourself in danger, you won't be covered.
    Pres Mubarak has vowed to cling to power till September, even if he resigns this week there will be a period of instability.
    If I was you I'd start looking at alternative destinations. over 9 years ago

    Answered by Ask Phil via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
    • now the major protest, the so-called Day of Departure has passed with little incident, I think Egypt is entering a period of uneasy calm. This depends of course on Mubarak's willingness to stick by the the promise to go in September, so it could flare up at any time. Ask Phil over 9 years ago
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    Luxor is a long way from Cairo where the protests are and what you can do is wait for the couple of days if you see that the situation is escalating then I advise you cancel your trip however if things calm down and the demonestration is over then you can go ahead and go to Luxor.

    By the way I have asked some foreigners who are now in Luxor and they all assured that the tourists are there and many insisted on continuing their trip as they did see nothing that would cause them to leave. over 9 years ago

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    Kathryn, just updating you on travel advisories and warnings:
    things are changing fast, and for the better.... Australia's foreign affairs office TODAY downgraded its travel warning for Egypt. they now say "reconsider your need to travel".
    The British FCO as of today is still saying avoid Cairo but Luxor and the Red Sea resorts are okay.
    Obviously keep an eye on developments. over 9 years ago

    Answered by Ask Phil via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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