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What are my transport options south out of Egypt?

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    There is no bus that I am aware of. You will need to fly or catch a ride with someone crossing Lake Nasser on the ferry, then take your chances in Wadi Halfa. Short of having your own transport I suggest you fly. over 9 years ago

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    The most reliable way to enter Sudan from Egypt is via the weekly ferry from Aswan in Egypt to Wadi Halfa 18 hours ride. Currently it runs on Mondays to Sudan and back on Wednesdays.

    Approx. time going by bus on the east side on paved road
    Wadi Halfa to Dongola 6h
    Dongola to Karima 2,5h
    Karima to Atbara 3h
    Arbara to Khartoum 4h
    And at last the direct bus from Wadi Halfa to Khartoum about 10h.

    You can either go by the fastest way from Wadi Halfa-Atbara-Khartoum, or more enjoyable but longer distance Wadi Halfa-Dongola-Khartoum

    And from Khartourm you go to Kassala it's joined to the Eritreain Town of Tasanay by means of a land route
    There are Sudanese pickup taxis running from Kassala in Sudan to the Eritrean border (a half hour away) daily, and Eritrean taxis from the Eritrean border to Tessenei about an hour away (poor road).

    The bureaucracy of the border crossings can take hours so start in the morning or early afternoon from Kassala in Sudan as it is not possible to enter Eritrea after dusk (border posts are closed).

    Hope that the information is useful
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