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After everything that happened is safe to travel to Egypt? All the answer are almost 5 years old, can somebody have an answer more resently?

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  • Just returned from Egypt in March, 2018. Went with small group tour to Cairo, Aswan, Luxor, Abu Simbel. I felt very safe wherever I went. I am female and went to visit Islamic Cairo alone and had no problems except insistent salespeople. Rue Burlingham over 2 years ago

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    Egypt is pretty unstable at the moment and hard to predict. A year or 18 months ago there were many incidents of violence and small-scale attacks in locations in Cairo itself - usually universities, religious buildings and political institutions. The pyramids at Giza have not in all the years of recent trouble, been targeted.
    The conflict seems to have moved more recently to the Sinai, and is impacting on the resorts in the south Sinai, and Cairo - if news reports are anything to gauge by - is calmer.
    As for Luxor - at the height of the revolution a few years back there was an attack on tourists, but nothing since.
    Egypt's tourism industry has taken a hammering as people stay away in droves. Mostly people have made the assessment that it's too risky for them.
    It depends on your level of experience as a traveler, the level of risk you're willing to accept, and the precautions you take in the pre-planning and also in the traveling stages. Pick reputable accommodation and ask them about their security measures before you book etc. If you go, it may be safer to eschew public transport and get a driver. It's also important to monitor the situation and be prepared to make the decision to NOT go (even if that's not covered by your insurance) for your safety. over 4 years ago

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    I've just come back from a week long tour in Egypt and had no problems whatsoever. Was safe everywhere we went (Cairo, luxor,aswan. ) over 4 years ago

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    yes,go and enjoy beautiful Egypt :) almost 4 years ago

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