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And what about the way from Israel to Kairo by public transportation - bus etc.? Is it doable?

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    Cairo is a safe place to be. However, always consider your dress code as Egypt is a conservative country.

    12 things must do in Cairo
    1. Visit the Giza Plateau where you will watch the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx
    2. Visit the Egyptian Antiquities Museum and enjoying watching the massive amount of artifacts on display.
    3. The Citadel is one of the most important visits in Cairo. Where you will watch the huge construction as well as the Mohamed Ali Mosque and the various museums
    4. Watch the amazing Giza Sound and Light show by the Pyramids.
    5. Spending a day in the Pharaonic Village will give you a chance to travel backwards to ancient times, where everything is built to give you this feeling.
    6. Take a Felucca ride down the Nile by sunset while watching the sun as it dims its light over Cairo and enjoy the gentle breeze during your ride.
    7. Horse back riding or Camel trekking in the desert with a panoramic view of the Giza Pyramids.
    8. Go shopping to Khan EL- Khalili where you can buy souvenirs of all kinds. You can also try smoking Shisha or water pipe there while drinking a cup of coffee or tea. Or you can go to the Khan Misr Toulun special Bazaar http://www.egyptholidaysdirectory.com/listing/khan-misr-touloun.html
    9. Go to "Kerdasa" where you can shop for oriental "Galabias" and belly dancers outfits.
    10. Try eating the traditional Egyptian beans called "Foul" and "Ta'ameya" in the many small restaurants available all over the country.
    11. Drink a freshly squeezed juice from the many fruit stalls located in any street in Cairo
    12. Cruise down the Nile for a couple of hours while enjoying a luxurious dinner accompanied with an oriental show. Or simply take a walk along the Nile River to get in contact with the real Egyptians.

    As for transportation to Cairo,there are East Delta buses from Sharm El Sheikh to Cairo daily if you would like public transportation.

    Hope that you enjoy your stay almost 11 years ago

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    Cairo is a wonderful city and the people were/are genuinely hospitable. We were there as a family but my impression was you'd have no trouble or hassle as long as you are considerate of their cultural values.


    - Despite the fact you might have seen the Pyramids on TV all of your life they are VERY impressive, so much so that we went twice.

    - Islamic Cairo was also a wonderful surprise and well worth sending several days wandering and exploring: you aren't going to find the real gems of this city in a guidebook but in the experiences. Like here for example: http://journals.worldnomads.com/simon_monk/gallery/20458/596218.aspx

    - And despite the crowds, the chaotic museum is staggering: I've never seen 110Kg of gold in a single object in all my life. King Tut's face mask was a sublime piece of human creativity. almost 11 years ago

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    Agree with the above. I took my mum who is 65 at Christmas time and we had fun. The city is a lovely city but it is very busy and very "fast". At times my mum felt slightly overwhelmed, but was soon restored by a cup of tea or coffee.

    We loved:
    The Giza Plateaux - we actually went to the slightly naff but worth it Light and Sound show the night before and then went back the next day to look at the pyramids.

    We loved the Step Pyramids at Saqqara which were much quieter than the other ones.

    The Egyptian Museum is amazing and you can spend a lot of time in there. There is so much to see and do, and its not labelled particularly well. The coffee shop there is quite nice.

    The Coptic Christian side of Cairo was a wonderful part of the city to go to. I was amazed that I recognised the iconography as much as I did - St George and the Dragon which I thought was very English...! - and the Synagogue was lovely.

    And then you have to do the Citadel.

    We stayed that the Four Seasons and got a wonderful guide through them - an amazing lady called Hala who guided us and really showed us her Cairo. We did a few things on our own, such as the museum and the coptic side, and the rest with her, and she was well worth the money.

    For a restaurant recommendation, go to a place just behind the British Embassy in the Garden District...argh. Name escapes me!!

    If you want the number of the guide I used, then just let me know. over 10 years ago

    Answered by Sam Richards via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    I'd agree on Saqqara: we took a taxi and the driver was a good guide too (this was a bit of luck) but it's well worth the effort.

    Two good places to eat:

    Taboula - located near the British Embassy in the Garden area of Cairo. Great Lebanese food, well cooked, lovely setting, good prices.

    Felfella - justifiably popular over 10 years ago

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    Taboula...thanks Simon. Thats the name of the restaurant that was fabulous. The meze were so amazing, we never quite ever got to have a main course! The spicy sausages in a tomato sauce - sublime! over 10 years ago

    Answered by Sam Richards via Site_iconTravellr.com

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