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I'm a 28f travelling solo and I'm looking at joining the Egypt & Jordan Adventure tour with G Adventures. I've been looking at various travel forums and my government's travel advice, and what I'm seeing tells me that whilst I'm with the group, I should be ok - but there are two points I'm concerned about. First is before the tour - getting around Cairo safely as a solo female. The second is that when the tour goes to Mt Sinai, they get there by driving in private road transport. I've heard lots of things about abductions and the like on the way to Mt Sinai. This tour seems to go straight through it and stays a night there. This makes me nervous...

Does anyone have any information on whether going through with a tour group like this would be ok? All I can get from the tour company is vague reassurances that they wouldn't risk their passengers, no solid information on what they are doing to keep them safe.

Thanks very much.

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    I'm an American and I just came from Cairo and Alexandria with my family. I think that Egypt is safer any city that I have ever lived in in the United States, especially my own neighborhood. If you go with a tour guide then you are extra safe and those guys really know how to take care of you. Don't believe the media hype at all. We went to Tahrir Square and we even went through a protest. The truth is that many of the individuals that are involved in drama and violence are many of the same individuals that are sitting on the corner with nothing to do. Whenever something pops off they are ready to go and make it into something. Again, don't let the media fool you. over 8 years ago

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    • Fair enough. From all I'm reading I think in the daytime around Cairo I should be fine, but the Sinai bit is still a tad worrisome... though I know not everyone has been targeted. Thanks for the feedback, it's good to hear from another traveller how they found it! sataimir over 8 years ago
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    My name is Jess and I work with G Adventures. How exciting you're thinking about exploring Egypt & Jordan!

    As a single traveller, we recommend taking travel precautions as you would in any major city, especially dressing conservatively (shoulders and chest covered and long pants/skirt), arranging local excursions with a group or guide and avoid walking alone at night.

    Once you get to your joining hotel, you can contact our local staff for more information on available tours and excursions to organized around Cairo. As well, once you meet your group and tour leader(CEO), you will have the added security of travelling with other people.

    The Egypt and Jordan Adventure does currently travel to Mount Sinai, however, we may adjust the itinerary if needed. G Adventures takes passenger safety very seriously and are continuously monitoring situations on the ground with local offices in Cairo and around the world.

    In the past some departures have spent additional time in the Red Sea area, but this is dependent on when you are travelling and situation at that time.

    We also have a number of safety tips on our website to help you prepare http://www.gadventures.com.au/travel-resources/safety/

    All the best with your trip planning. These countries are incredible and you'll have an unforgettable experience! over 8 years ago

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    • Thanks! I did call the main phone line & the guy I spoke with wasn't helpful. He pushed me to book now, I wasn't ready to, so he hung up. Have any of your groups been troubled by the Bedouin in the Sinai region? That does seem to be the trouble spot. Again, thanks very much! :) sataimir over 8 years ago
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    Going with a guide or on a guided tour, especially with a reputable company such as G Adventures, is definitely the best way to go. I agree with Jack about Cairo, although I probably wouldn't have gone through a protest, choosing instead to go around it. Just this weekend the level of protest in Tahrir Square has gone up a notch, prompting new warnings about avoiding the location. But Tahrir Square is a large place, and it's possible to get where you're going without getting too close to a protest. The rest of Cairo, especially the parts where tourists frequent, is relatively safe. Although because standards of behaviour towards solo females are different to what you might be used to at home, don't go walking around alone at night. Great advice from Jess at G Adventures, too.
    The Mt Sinai thing is a little more complicated. What's happening is that bedouin tribesmen who believe relatives have been wrongly imprisoned are kidnapping tourists and holding them up for hostage until an exchange can take place. The latest kidnapping was in July 2012, so it's not ancient history. However, none of the tourists have been harmed. Quite the opposite, the bedouins treat them as honoured guests and assure them no harm will come to them - but being held at gunpoint and deprived of your liberty is still very traumatic.
    Most foreign governments are warning their citizens to reconsider their need to travel to Mt Sinai because of the risk of kidnap. This may have consequences for your travel insurance. Your decision to knowingly travel to a high-risk kidnap area will be taken into consideration if you make a claim for costs you incur because you are kidnapped. That's going to be a tough one to argue.
    but from what Jess is saying, it looks like G Adventures are on the case. I'd suggest staying in touch with them and getting regular updates on their plans. maybe if you're really concerned you could negotiate with them about travelling by air from Cairo to Sharm el Sheikh (as foreign governments are advising their citizens) and catching up with the tour again.
    Let us know how it all goes. Sounds like a tremendous trip!
    Phil at the safety hub over 8 years ago

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    • Thank you - this is fantastic info to have (and oddly reassuring to know that the Bedouin aren't hurting anyone despite kidnapping them), and great advice. Very good point about the insurance too - I shall have to look into that! sataimir over 8 years ago
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    Hi again Sataimir,

    I'm sorry to hear you weren't able to get the answers you were looking for when you contacted us. If you have any other questions you can contact us 24/7 and you're welcome to ask for me during Australian business hours.

    I've been in touch with our Operations team in Egypt regarding the current situation in Sinai. Although none of our groups have had any trouble, as a precaution we adjusted some departures to spend an additional night in Nuweiba. For those who did still want to visit (Mt Sinai) could be arrange as an optional activity.

    The situation has eased and we have just re-commenced travelling through this region, but will certainly continue to monitor the situation.

    The government is also assisting in arranging policed security convoy for tourist vehicles travelling through the region. This is common practice in Egypt and nothing to be concerned about.

    I hope this will alleviate any worries you may have about booking. It's an incredible region and I've talked to a few people who have just returned and absolutely loved it! over 8 years ago

    Answered by JessG via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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