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    It is quiet safe in Egypt right now. The situation in calming down with no more riots in Cairo after the new president Mohamed Morsi was assigned. Tourism is starting to revive again, and the number of tourists is increasing so there is no need to panic about your safety. about 8 years ago

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    We were there in May without any problems. Many tourists are there but there are many locals that thrive on the tourist dollars, so be alert with who you talk to. We took a bus to Giza, were not interested in a guide or a camel ride or souvenirs, so had to say no many, many times. When visiting sights, in Giza and at other pyramids, there may be people who ask to verify your tickets. This is a rouse just to give you a tour which you are expected to tip for, so just be aware. Egypt and Giza are great and we had a fabulous time with no worry of safety. about 8 years ago

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    The pyramids have never had any problem - with an office just a km or so from them we would not have known there was ever a problem in Egypt expect there were no tourists.... Everywhere has calmed right down, even the heart of the city which is really the only place there were problems in Cairo (the pyramids are about 22 km from the centre of the city). You will have a safe and wonderful holiday. about 8 years ago

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    From all of the people I speak to who have been to Egypt recently, the general feeling is that it is a moderately safe destination to go to. Having said this, Egypt is far from stable, politically and civically.

    Here are a few sources to support this.

    Demonstrations against Morsi took place only a few days ago outside Egypt's presidential palace


    These protests have turned violent


    Tahir Square has been the home to scores of protests, uprisings and clashes over the past 18 months. This doesn't look like it will change any time soon


    As a tourist, however, you will be welcomed with open arms. The 18 months of demonstrations has left a bad taste in the mouths of travellers wishing to come to the country, and vendors are keen to have Cairo return to normal.

    The most important advice I can give is this. If you do go to Egypt and see or hear of any kind of demonstration, keep well clear. They are passionate and can turn violent quite quickly.


    Jesse - TID about 8 years ago

    Answered by Jesse Perez
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    I returned from Egypt just a month ago. There is NO threat to your safety as a result of cultural and political turmoil, trust me. :) Even Tahrir square is safe during the political rallies every Friday, and the locals will advise you if it's safe or not anyway.

    Having said that, the most annoying thing about Egypt right now are the desperate tourist scammers, and Giza is particularly rough. I suggest not to allow any of the locals to talk to you at Giza especially when the conversation starts with: "Hello my friend, welcome to Egypt, where are you from my friend?" Also, be careful about anyone asking to see your ticket once you're already through the entrance! Saying "La Shukran" which means "No thanks" is usually the best way to go, but you might have to repeat yourself several hundred times, that's quite normal. -_-

    I hope you enjoy the pyramids, they really are marvelous! :) about 8 years ago

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    • Hahaha, doesn't sound too much different from the hawkers in Pompei or the pirate DVD/watch sellers outside the fake market in Shanghai! Thanks :) sataimir about 8 years ago
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    Thx all! about 8 years ago

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    Do not go to Egypt now. The Islamic riots are at their peak and the US Ambassadors have been killed in the streets. Stay out of Cairo especially if you absolutely need to go. Understand that the Islamic Riots have spread across Africa to the far reaches of the Middle East. Right now it is not safe to travel.
    Understand that safety is based on Nation Of Origin, and Religion.

    Sorry. I know travel agents say nice things, but I'm not a travel agent. I'm just looking out for people's safety. about 8 years ago

    Answered by Ray via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Still asking for feedback, updated... October 7th scheduled departure for CrossEgyptChallenge.com.
    Havens till planning to go: group scooter ride from Cairo to Alexandria, Mersa, then oasis route to Luxor. Anyone with profoundly cynical insight amidst Pres. Morsi's comments & current events? about 8 years ago

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    Whoops, typo: "still planning to go..." about 8 years ago

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    I'm American and I'm a government employee and I'm still taking my entire family, to include kids to Egypt next week. If you can survive in New York on vacation, Egypt is only a stroll in the park. I will tell you like this, in Turkey military members have to live on pst because of safety concerns. In Egypt there are military members that live in the Egyptian communities outside of the confines of the embassy and they are doing just fine. about 8 years ago

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