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What about seeing the pyramids in Giza? Should we refrain from going altogether?

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    Joy, even at the height of the revolution last year there was very little trouble at Luxor. I think it was closed for a few days, similarly Nile boats stopped running for a while. But everything soon returned to (near) normal. The same is true of Giza... the business of seeing the pyramids goes on. Just while you're in Cairo stay away from Tahrir Square. If you must go to the antiquities museum which is on one edge of tahrir Square check with guides or hotel staff about possible protests that day.
    There are presidential elections running up until June 17th, so (mostly in Cairo) you could come across a protest or rally. Go in the other direction, don't stop to watch.... you've seen what could happen, especially when tempers are high.
    On the whole, if you exercise a reasonable degree of caution along those lines, you'll have a fabulous time. probably a good time to go... not so many other tourists about, and the locals will be pleased to see you (and your tourist dollars).
    here're a few more tips
    Phil from the safety hub over 6 years ago

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    I totally agree with Phil just be a little cautious and every thing will turn fine. but specially on the 17th of June be more careful because of the second round of the presidential elections, as some might protest just ask the locals or the front desk of your hotel and they will direct you what best to do and the safest places to go avoiding any demonstrations. over 6 years ago

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    just to add to my previous answer, and echo what Egypt Holidays says... the presidential elections combined with a great deal of anger regarding the sentence handed down to former President Mubarak in the last couple of days (see, an example of volatility) makes it vital that you stay well away from any public gathering. I'd give Tahrir Square a wide berth for the time being. over 6 years ago

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