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Is Egypt safe at the moment?

over 8 years ago about Egypt

I see there are more protests and riots, what's happening? Will I be okay if I'm going to Sharm el Sheik?

Asked by Siobahn via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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    A quick bit of background: a year after the 'revolution' there's still concern about the slow pace of reform, which sparked some more clashes in Cairo.
    Then last week there was a riot at a soccer match in which 70+ people died. There was outrage at the handling of the situation and aftermath, sparking more unrest.
    This latest unrest is focused on the offices of the Interior Ministry, which stands on one end of Tahrir Square (near the museum, unfortunately, so watch out if you're planning to visit).
    Again the trouble is concentrated on Tahrir Square. It's a big place, but this is where trouble lives in cairo, so best avoided. Giza and the pyramids remain trouble free.
    And I would have said the same about the Red Sea resorts until this weekend. Although the resorts themselves remain safe, there's been a disturbing development: 2 American women have been kidnapped from a small tourist bus while travelling back to Sharm el Sheikh after visiting sites on the Sinai peninsula.
    Also in Sinai in the last couple of days, Islamic extremists attacked and set fire to an oil pipeline supplying Jordan and Israel.
    Sadly it appears that an extremist element is beginning to appear in areas not long ago regarded as relatively safe.
    In a nutshell - if you're sticking to popular tourist areas and resorts it should be okay, but the situation could change. Keep an eye on the news and developments.
    Phil over 8 years ago

    Answered by Ask Phil via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Use a reputable tour operator and you'll be fine. Check the latest warnings on travel.state.gov over 8 years ago

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