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    Weather in Ecuador in November is good for sightseeing. It is warm- around 15-20 degrees. The first city which you have to visit is Quito. It is usually the starting point of most travelers to Ecuador with its international airport and is an ideal location to learn Spanish. Quito is a United Nations World Cultural Heritage Site. Other interesting place is Otavalo. It is popular for its Sunday Market. You can also visit the tropical rainforest and the tropical beaches. Galapagos Islands are also great place for a trip. I can recommend you also to book accommodation in advance.There are websites like http://www.hitrooms.com/en/Ecuador.htm where you can find good deals if you book in advance. over 9 years ago

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    May want to check out Cuenca and Loja. Quito is to high (9000 ft plus) and is very big and problems with pollution and traffic. Beautiful country and friendly people. Government is following socialist model with socialist president who admires Castro, Hugo, and other handful of socialist leaders currently popular. This could be future problem for retirees. over 9 years ago

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    I also recommend Quito as well. A beautiful city with a lot to absorb. I enjoyed Banos a lot as well, just a 3 hour bus ride from Quito. I hope you enjoy it half as much as I did. over 9 years ago

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    Been to Ecuador couple times and I love Quito. There is a used book store near the Sebastian Hotel where American ex-pats hang out. Trooped in there with a pack of 10 yo girls and their mothers! They said there is an American community near Otavalo (where the famous market is). I was also told that before you buy property, you should find a local to act as your "strawman" or the price goes up.
    We went birdwatching in Mindo, another gem, and had the greatest time at the Solar museum in Quito. You can balance eggs on the equator or try other experiments. They have an authentic shrunken head, (with complete instruction poster!) which flipped out some of the girls! LOL. Antisana volcano is the best for checking out birds and there is a sweet little hacienda which serves tea in the freaking middle of nowhere! I've heard the Ecuador coast has lots of nice places too and we will head that way on our next adventure! over 9 years ago

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    If your're travelling alone I can really recommend you to book guided tours. I travelled alone through Ecuador for 5 months and the first few weeks I did many tours with a tour operator from Quito ( http://gulliver.com.ec/ ) to get a feeling of the country. The following months I knew which places were safe and worth a second visit and what I needed to bring with me (e.g. toilet paper :D ). over 8 years ago

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