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In Rochester,New York. Private doc and local clinic want $49.00 for travel consult plus an average $78.00 a shot here Health insurance won't cover it. The costs of vaccines eats into my 10 days on the beach. Damn! . Are vaccines available for US citizens in Quito and would they be less expensive? I am heading for the coast after Quito. Thanks!

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    I am not going to have much helpful advice for you, though others will chime in. From what I have read and know about vaccines, you want to get all your vaccinations before you go to maximize protection. My understanding is that Typhoid vaccination in the US is not in the form of a shot and the protection is a bit less. However, I don't see why you couldn't go as long as you follow up with your intervals and boosters (better than not going with any vaccinations). over 10 years ago

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    You probably could but I certainly wouldn't recommend it! Needle issues and vaccine quality issues. Just pay the money! Also, having just returned from Ecuador, your main risks are Yellow Fever and probably Malaria. over 10 years ago

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    did you get your vaccines in Ecuador? I'm also going in November 2011 and I plan to get mine done there.... so a follow up of your experience would be awesome. over 9 years ago

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    I think you can get the shots here. I'm a resident but that didn't seem to impress the clinic folks; they just had me sign in and pay, as though it didn't really matter. This was at one of the public health clinics (Centro de Salud Publica). YF was free but the international certificate was $10. Vaccinations here are unbelievably cheap (I got the whole three-part Hep B series for $24).

    YF must be gotten at least ten days before exposure. Hep A is a two-part series, but the first one gives you protection for a few months. I don't remember how far in advance you need to get it. about 6 years ago

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    Do you need a appointment to get the shots or can you just walk in? about 5 years ago

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