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Would you book online before you arrive or would you book it in Quito?

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    If I was going, I'd use http://www.gapadventures.com because they own their own cruise ships and are well organized. I don't know whether Galapagos is really possible 'independently'. Anyone? over 9 years ago

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    We're also heading to the Galapagos and we'll be there in a couple of weeks. We just had a friend return from there and he was full of great advice. It's very hard to do anything independently and it's always best to book a cruise to see a lot of the islands. We've been told to never book in advance and that there are a ton of last minute cruises that will go for a fraction of the price. You can book in Quito before you leave, but we've been told that it's very easy to find last minute deal on San Cristobal island as well. Hope this helps! over 9 years ago

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    I would like to recommend "Nature Galapagos" as you will find a wide variety of options for your adventure packages. There are different packages for Scuba Diving and snorkeling and many other. And most of all, budget friendly.
    http://www.naturegalapagos.com/multi-sports/index.html over 7 years ago

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    If you have the money do a cruise with EcoVentura - they are amazing! Only 20 passengers per ship - all luxury private bathrooms amazing food and service. Also they are extremely ecologically friendly and support many community and environmental projects on the islands.

    We did a family cruise with them: http://youtu.be/Mqjj75MPh4I but they also have diving cruises and normal adults ones.

    We spent 7 days on the cruise and then we did another 3 weeks independently.

    Both are good! You can do budget travel in Galapagos but it is very limited for budget options on Santa Cruz, better catered for on San Cristobel and especially Isabela.

    You can't reach all the uninhabited islands if you don't do a cruise, but there is LOADS to see and plenty of day trips that will keep you enthralled. almost 7 years ago

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