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    Soo glad you asked! My research has pointed to several places. I'll list a handful here-they range from the cosmopolitan hip/trendy to the traditional and neighborhood gems:

    Les Redes
    Pedro & Pablos (soup and ceviches)
    The Magic Bean (!!!)
    Azuca Latin Bistro (open 24 hours!)
    Rincon La Ronda
    Mi Viejo Arrabal-steak house (Address: Juan León Mera 678 y Foch)
    Other good reviews were given to: Cafe Moasaico, Pims. Hidden Garden, Boca del Lobo (nightclub), and La Vaca Negra. over 10 years ago

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    Basically (in my opinion) the food in Ecuador is crap. The seafood at the beach is great and the Hornado (whole roasted pig they do up in the alpine areas) are good, but apart from that it's nothing to write home about.

    I ate at a variety of restaurants in Quito (cheap and expensive) and can't remember anything that was worth going back for. That being said, travel is all about finding new things, so try some of Christina's suggestions!

    harry over 10 years ago

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    Hi There
    We do have exellent food no CRAP as Harry saied, if you are in a budget of course most of the time you not able to have a great meal, but if you have a little more for sure you will able to find good food in a nice places.

    Depend of what type of food you looking for
    In quito at the old town you will find hasta la vuelta señor price avarage $15.00 for a dinner
    Chacal Sport $ $15.00 for a dinner
    Rincon del gaucho $15.00 for a dinner
    Pavarotti $15.00 for a dinner
    If you need some more I can help you over 10 years ago

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    I agree with Harry! We were in Quito for two weeks and found no good food, considering it is a capital city (cheap or expensive) and ended up cooking for ourselves. It is the worst country for food in Northen Latin America except for Belize. over 10 years ago

    Answered by Geoff via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Uncle Ho´s in the Mariscal is a locals favorite with Asian food and good drinks, live music, and a fun vibe!

    http://savvyroundtheworld.wordpress.com over 10 years ago

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    Yes the #1 place i went to in my 10 weeks in quito and around ecuador was
    BOCA DEL LOBO. a little pricey but the food is and atmosphere is crazy awesome. The place was decorated really cool, they had tables and sofas you could sit at, they had all kinds of different food combos and ingreds. We went there our last weekend and it was a blast. def check it out.

    if i remeber its only a few blocks from plaza foche. calama y reina victoria sounds right

    #2 recomendacion is crepes y waffles. my host family loved this place and with good reason, they have pretty much anything you're looking for, they feature crepes obviously and their ice cream deserts are also fantastic. its a chain so you'll prob find them in the big malls or on busy calles over 10 years ago

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    in response to above:

    boca del lobo is not a night club. its a great place to go before a club or to chill after clubbin over 10 years ago

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    I LOVED the food in Quito. I never got anything I didn't like, no matter where I went. Uncle Hos is a great place for gringos to check out. Lots of fantastic places in la marsical as well. Go to a local place and be sure to try llapangachos! My favourite thing to eat when I'm in town. Delicious! over 9 years ago

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    Food in the Mariscal (gringoland) is unremarkable generally U.S. Prices. Outside the tourist area the food is very inexpensive and varies in quality as in most places. Avoid the "Tex-Mex Rest. On Victoria Calle as food is fake Tex Mex and service is very poor with higher than average prices even for tourist area. John over 9 years ago

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    You can Find a lot of places! from typical to gourmet cuisine. over 9 years ago

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    Harry that's not correct you can find so many restaurants with great food like Segundo muelle or noe sushi bar you can go to la boca del lobo or zazu you can also go to lucia which is located in the valley cumbaya personally I find Lucia as the best restaurant you eat so tasty is a grill and pie house!!! You'll faaaaall in love over 9 years ago

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    Yes, here are some suggestions:
    Ceviches: go to Cebiches de Ruminahui or Pim's
    Morocho: hot breakfast drink/cereal, small shops/vendors
    Hugo de Naranjilla (con alfalfa): fresh citrus juice/smoothie from El Mercado Central
    Chocolate Caliente con Queso: Cafe Mosaico down the street from Itchimbia
    Canelazo de Mora and fresh Empanadas walking down La Calle Ronda
    Hamburger: GET A TROPIBURGER, I rarely eat fastfood, but I've had an incredible burgers there... They used to have one served with a fried egg on it but I'm not sure anymore.
    Delicious Peruvian food: Segundo Muelle
    Ice Cream: can't remember the name but there's a really good place around the corner from the food court at Quicentro shopping mall.
    Fresh bread from the hundreds of Panaderias around
    Encebollado: lots of little restaurants, this is the cure for early mornings after late nights
    Also try hornado, fritada, humitas, tamales, llapingachos, lomo saltado, and churrasco (my favourite), just ask the locals where to get it. almost 8 years ago

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    There are some places you can go to try local food but I will agree that the local cuisine is not as good as I expected and that is why the most popular places serve international food as crepes & waffles, Noe....

    With my husband we tried Achiote, Costa Sierra and Santa Lucia (near Cotopaxi volcano). This places have really good quality and you can taste a little bit of Ecuador cuisine. Try the hornado (pulled pork), the ceviches, the shrimp in coconut sauce, the trucha and of course you must at least taste the cuy ( did not like it but gave it a try)

    One really good is called smoque and serve the best hamburgers in town! about 6 years ago

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