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    Petty crime is very common in Ecuador. There are stories of people being mugged in daylight in Quito, so don't wear ANY jewellery, don't hang an expensive camera around your neck, forget the backpack/daypack, be extra cautious of pickpockets on public transport and be careful. It does happen but it's not guaranteed to happen, especially if you take precautions.
    more details here about places to avoid:
    Remember it's only a bag, camera, or music player - don't resist or fight, that could end in violence.
    Phil at the safety hub almost 7 years ago

    Answered by Ask Phil via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    We had no problems there. Just use common sense , do not look flashy etc... It is a fabulous country! Enjoy! almost 7 years ago

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    It's safe with out a guide. There are plenty of tourist police nowadays as the government is striving to keep the area safe and pleasant for tourists. Like the other answers say, watch out for petty pick pockets, as in all big cities. Don't hike up to the Virgin Statue alone. You are better off to take a taxi. It's a beautiful area! enjoy :) over 6 years ago

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