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Looking for a one night stay in November. Tend more towards luxury rather than basic

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    11-3-13 Found your question on Ask a Nomad page Travel Safety website. Guayaqil is fabulous! Take the steam engine train from the Andean plane, breath fresh Andean air and arrive in this port city full of life and tropical humidity. I didn't spend more than a couple days, there were nice business class suites but really, you win't have any problem asking any cab driver for advice. Careful if you arrive after dark as is simple common sense for all guests, male and female.

    My travels and vacations are not in this hemisphere recently. With Ecuador's curious switch to a dollar economy, its name as the only Latin American country on glibal Alqaeda terror threat lists, and their fragmented government make Ecauador a place for tourists who want to travel for brief periods of time.

    It would be nice if news sources were to tell the truth. Even recent high profile Ecuadoran diplomatic choices, including granting asylum to Australian citizen Julian Assange, leave a gap of understanding about Ecuador's unique position. Intercontinental industrial structure is hanging hy the hinges. Infrastructure is threatened.

    I have fond memories of my few months in Ecuador in early 90's. Guyaqil, Quito, Otavalo and Amazonian tributary territory are still formative experiences for my present life chalkenges in the USA as we find things on the cliff of illegitimacy in daily existence of cyber threat, maritime industrial corrupt influences, failed states.

    Send this to Ecuador's own visitor agencies should you receive this entry. Say that news media here is not the place to find answers.

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    aka Fern
    See 10-31-13 entry on seized fraud news Maui Almanac over 6 years ago

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    11-3-13 Problem wire threat telecom Verizon smartphone and pre-paid account transactions. Sent urgent message to CEO's technology firms and Urgent Directive Group for Reduction of Malicious Industrial Complex Technology linked to advertising app programs and Android/Apple market breach. over 6 years ago

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    I have very little grasp of what aka Fern is going on about, so I thought I'd chuck some advice in the pot too.

    Have you heard of a website called Airbnb.com? I used it to stay in Guayaquil (and other places in Ecuador) a couple of months ago, and there was a lot of choice ranging from budget to high end luxury apartments. If you book ones with reviews, then it adds to the safetymfactor, if that's a concern. over 6 years ago

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    You can opt for many places in Guayaquil as the city is one of the major tourist spots of the country. Follow this site http://in.hotels.com/de427725/hotels-in-guayaquil-ecuador/ and you will find lot of options along with several attractions to visit. about 6 years ago

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