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ticets ,passport.visa and all that is requred is done,then it is mentioned a $400 stamp is required befour you can board


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    Where are you coming from and leaving to? It depends on your country's restrictions. From Canada and the USA you can fly into Quito, get a tourist visa on the spot that lasts for $90 days. Some airports have a $40 fee (not $400) for flying out but that's often included in the ticket price.

    If you are crossing the boarders by road you may also need a stamp in your passport but I don't think it's that much money.

    Google your country + Ecuador + Visa to find out more. over 7 years ago

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    I flew into Quito from Canada, via Houston, and there was no fee to pay whatsoever. There is a $100 + $10 fee to enter Galapagos though. I am in Ecuador now (October 2014). almost 7 years ago

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