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    Charles Darwin foundation! is must! over 8 years ago

    Answered by @LetsGoGalapagos via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    take a tour. 3-8 days. more would be over do it. and less is missing a big part (there is a lot you can see almost exlusivly throw boted tours.
    a good wey to good tour in good price is to fly in to the riserve and during a few days
    go to the booking agiesntes and ask for any canceltion. and but the tickets in reduced price.

    beund the tour you got darwins farm, shnorkeling tours, reefs to go scuba diving in.
    or even take scuba curse. there is giant tortuses island the the birds island.
    more inhebeted island. and less inhebeted.
    my recomendtion is do the tour and chouse some of the other options the seems the most appeling. over 7 years ago

    Answered by bar_hanavad via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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