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Will patagonia be too cold and hard to travel through due to in climate weather during this time?

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    Its whether you want cold or warm and whether you are looking for scenary or animals (galapagos has scenary too but its not the snow filled scenary of Patagonia). July is peak for Galapagos. Aug and Sept are the cold season and have less travellers but I always am there in Sept and love it.

    You may find this helpful for patagonia:

    o Torres del Paine: what’s about the park in winter (May trough September)?

    - During the winter , high pressures, coming in from Antartica, stabilize themselves over southern Patagonia providing long spells of clear, cold and windless (yes, you are reading well!) weather. Cold fronts from the pacific will eventually come in, interupting the silence and bringing the sequacious winter dusting! When we were hiking the W at the end of july we had one cloudy day and four days of crisp clear weather, resulting in expansive views over the Patagonian ice field.
    - Torres Del Paine enjoys sort of a microclimate, which provoces slightly warmer than the rest of southern Patagonia. During the day in july 2006, we had temperatures of 12 ° C in the Sun, but of course at night the temperature dropped to around -10 ° C.
    - Most part of the the W-circuit is at sea level, so snow accumulation is very low to non-existant. almost 8 years ago

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    I think both places are worth seeing, however two things to consider:
    The Galapagos are one of a kind. You will not find another place like it on Earth, nd the connection wtih the animals is incredible.
    If you go to the galapagos, plan to do it on a cruise, you see MUCH more. If your budget didn't include the cruise, you might want to postpone to a later trip where you can get a boat. :) almost 8 years ago

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    Many locations shut down in Patagonia during those months due to unpredictable weather conditions (high winds, freezing temperatures, etc.). over 7 years ago

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