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    Do not take a car. Use taxi only over 9 years ago

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    2 years ago we been in dominica in santo domingo and there tried to taken me because they wanted 200 bucks and i hadnt! And they took me to an atm and they waited until i gave them enogh money! So be careful everywhere!!! Use only just those cars taxis or anything else what your hotel ordered to you! And never go for a walk alone!!! over 9 years ago

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    There are high levels of petty crime in DR, and serious violent incidents are not uncommon. In a 2009 survey of residents (residents not tourists) found one fifth had reported being a victim of theft, and one in ten reported being assaulted. That's an indication of the overall level of crime. Being on a resort doesn't guarantee you're safer, robberies in resorts are common.
    As for driving around - the US State Dept ranked the DR as the third most likely country in the world for Americans to be injured in a vehicle accident.
    These are things that could happen to you. Not saying they will, and many people have a great trouble-free vacation. But be aware you need to have your wits about you, take care with personal security and also with valuables. Only use marked official taxis, watch out for pick pockets on "carros publico" and think carefully before choosing to ride in "guaguas" or on "motoconcho". over 9 years ago

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    Dr. Phil is quoting the US State Dept...which only lists the US as a safe place to travel to. Please take Dr. phil's Recommendation and do not get out of bed. Or, you can get on your flight, arrive in DR and have a wonderful time dancing Merengue, eating the finest seafood in the Caribbean and generally forgetting you're back home where everybody hates each other. about 9 years ago

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