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Hi , I am travelling with the family to Cyprus next week and am aware it is the UK Defence HQ in the Med..I know things are moving fast in Libya but what is your take on it?

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    I haven't been there since 2005, so I'm unaware of current risks. I just wanted to share a blog I wrote about our visit...which was incredible. It will definitely give you a feel for the island...

    http://thewanderinghousewife.wordpress.com/2010/07/24/cyprus-the-birthplace-of-aphrodite-october-2005/ almost 10 years ago

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    the British commander of the bases says they are not involved in the Libya action and are not hosting any other nation's aircraft. The Typhoon and Tornado bombers are not involved, but some surveillance aircraft are flying sorties.
    The commander was speaking after Cyprus government said it didn't want the bases involved in upholding the no-fly zone.
    It appears that the main assault is coming from the bases in Southern Italy.
    I don't think Col. Gaddafi has much of an air force left to fight with, and he's probably a bit busy in Tripoli to worry about Cyprus.
    Would love to hear from anyone in Cyprus for a local assessment.
    Phil almost 10 years ago

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    I live in Cyprus, and i think that is the best time to visit the island especially if you are not used on the high temperatures. Also is the Easter now and if you come at around 23 of April then i suggest you to visit the mountain villages since we will have several festivals with traditional games/sports etc, and of course lots of food :D

    As about the Libya, no reason to worry at all. Cyprus and in general the Greeks traditionally have good relations with the middle east countries, and i believe that the last place that will hit is the island. almost 10 years ago

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