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Hi my wife and l are travelling to Cyprus, Egypht,Jordan on a organised tour in October for 17 days. Can we ask for some practical tips such as type of clothing, footwear, denomination of cash to take ie US, Euro, water ok, meal suggestions, and any other tips would be much appreciated

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    Hi There, I am a local travel agent in Aqaba, so I can help you with tips for Jordan, but not really any of the others....Jordan is still pretty warm this time of year, especially in the south. Amman is probably about 20C but in Wadi Rum and Aqaba its still in the 30s! So I'd take some light cool clothes but with a jacket to cover in the evenings. Most of Jordan is very liberal compared to other middle eastern countries so your wife would not be expected to completely cover up. - but if you are heading into the smaller towns and villages away from the usual tourists spots, obviously a bit more conservative dress would be appropriate. I would recommend drinking only bottled water. The tap water is safe to drink most of us locals drink it , but it is different to water back home and most tourists end up with a bad stomach the first few days - so better to be safe than sorry. Currency is Jordanian Dinars - you will need this to pay for anything official like border crossings/visas etc, but most shops except US dollars too. Food wise - do not expect to lose weight while here the food is a big part of the Jordanian hospitality. Highly recommend trying the national dish of Mansaf (lamb, fermented yoghurt and rice) and also maqluba (chicken, vegetables and rice) plus there is a variety of 'fast food' such as falafel and shawerma. Hope I managed to help, if you need any thing else feel free to contact us at aboveandbelow@orange.jo about 6 years ago

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