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What credit cards work in Cuba?

about 9 years ago about Cuba

I can imagine that American Express might be a bit hard to use there. What about VISA or MasterCard?

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    Sure ... as long as it's not drawn on an American bank. Unfortunately, it's part of the US embargo restrictions on Cuba. No US travelers cheques either. Americans have to carry cashVisa for anyone else, Visa and Mastercard are not a problem. But it's much cheaper to change money. Changing money: the comission is 3%
    Paying or getting money with a credit card: the comission is 11%. So I'd only recommend it for emergencies! about 9 years ago

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    Visa and MasterCard as long as their funds are no deposits of American Banks. Call your bank before hand to make sure though. Also Cuba is not tech friendly and their cards network is very underdeveloped. If at a store, you pull out a card, the cashier might even give you an evil look, since cards = hassles (she has to call the manager in to authorize the swipe). Not recommended. However, if in Havana, and at a hotel, things are a bit easier. Although be aware of Cuban exchange rates and commissions, they are usually very high. about 9 years ago

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    Best to bring cash and exchange it at your hotel if possible. Changing money back into American dollars was not a problem at all. Don't change money with someone on the street. Since there isn't much available to shop for, bringing a lot of money isn't necessary. about 9 years ago

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