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Approximately how long [in hours and minutes] does it take to drive between each of these cities in Cuba, via a bus or a taxi?

Havana › Matanzas › Varadero

Matanzas › Cienfuegos

Cienfuegos › Playa Giron (i.e., ‘the Bay of Pigs’) › Trinidad

Trinidad › Sancti Spiritus › Camagüey

Camagüey › Sancti Spiritus › Santa Clara

Santa Clara › Matanzas

Matanzas › Havana

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    Hy Rob I was in Cuba last year, I haven't visited this part of Cuba my 14 days tour was Havana-Vinales-Bay of pigs (Calleton)-Boca de Camarioca-Havana.
    From Havana to Vinales we went with a private authorized taxi, we travelled very fast on the Main road, very confortable and fast I don't remember exactly but let say it took around 2 hours.
    From Vinales unfortunatelly we contacted what we thought was an authorized taxi but being a collective one with an "Almendron" old car took ages 4hrs anh half to ghet to Playa Larga Caleton,The drivers stop in an area and you have to change car, we were waiting in this area more than 1 hour for nothig (I gues they hope you buy drinks and food from the shop).
    Unfortunatelly also from Playa larga to Boca de camarioca we went by shared taxi but was more fast (streets were in better conditions also) let say it took in between 2-3 hours.
    From boca the Camarioca to Havana finally we went with local bus and was cheap and fast we changed the bus in Matanza. We haven't reserved the ride, we waved untill a bus stopped and we payed on the bus.
    All in one the answer depends from the bus or taxi, if the taxi is private you spend more but is very fast and has air condition. Almendrones doesn't have air condition. You can try have a look at Viazul web site to have an idea of timetable for bus or Cubatur.
    https://www.viazul.com/index.php We took local buses but I do speak spanish, fluently. almost 2 years ago

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