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Hello everyone,

What is the best way to get permission to travel toCcuba (visa) from United States and where can i get it?

I'm travelling to Havana from New York ( indirect flight via El Salvador) and don't quite understand where to get the Cuban visa.

Can someone help?

Many thanks,

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    Hey Andreas,

    As long as you're not travelling on a US passport, you just buy the visa on the way over from New York/El Salvador.

    I went last year, flight from NY with a stopover in the Caymans. When leaving NY we had to fill out one of their forms which state why you are going to Cuba, but no one actually checks this if you're not from the US. Then on the flight from the Caymans to Havana they announced if you didn't have a visa yet to yell out, and there was a guy on the plane who gave you one for $20 USD.

    Basically, once you're out of the US just ask the flight attendants/people in the stopover airport and they will let you know where/who to get it from, and take some US cash with you to buy the visa.

    Hope that helps,

    Pearse about 2 years ago

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    Hi Pearse,

    Thank you very much for your prompt reply..

    I have actually started worrying a little bit cause i find websited over the net mentioning a process time of 3 months and a cost of 200$ for the visa.

    I will travel on a Greek passport. My itinerary looks like this: UK to US for 6 days and then US to Havana for 6 more days.

    You suggest not to worry about how to get a visa. I understand that.

    Is there a possibility for the US authorities not letting you leave the country for some reason?

    A about 2 years ago

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    Hey Andreas,

    Not that I know of, I think the restrictions only apply to US citizens. When you get your boarding pass they give you a form to fill out which states the reason you are travelling there, but no one ever checked this. Unfortunately it's never really clear, I can only advise how I did it and there were no issues buying the visa on the way over to Havana.

    Good luck!

    Pearse about 2 years ago

    Answered by Pearse via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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