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hi everybody, Am finally travelling to cuba and have some questions
-how safe it is (I mean, apart of being precautious)
- Would you recommend me to rent a car (am moving around the island)
-How is the best way to get a room at a local´s house
-My route might be: havana, cienfuegos, trinidad, cayo santa maria, santa clara, matanzas varadero and viñales...anything you would add or take away???


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    Well, Cuba is a very safe country, but just like anywhere else you have to be careful ;) By the way, once you get there lots of Cubans will offer to help you, but be careful since most of them end up expecting some money in return!

    Renting a car is nice, but if it's your first time there maybe it would be better to travel by bus.

    There are many rooms available for rent, but the best way to find them is through online websites such as Revolico and PorLaLivre. Just make sure you keep a backup room in case the one you book doesn't keep your reservation!

    Hm, I'd add the Youth Island (Isla de la Juventud) if you have the time. :)

    Have a great trip!! over 4 years ago

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